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Mungo & Capt. Atticus | Live Action + 3D Animation

Mungo & Capt. Atticus is a series of 15 short stories. Mungo and Captain Atticus arrive to Earth, looking for the resources needed to save their planet Zulu 77. A series of tiny calamities will make them rethink their plans, and will lead them to live an unforgettable adventure.

Episode #2

Exploring a fascinating green meadow, Captain Atticus manages to find the first one resource! While Mungo is… being Mungo.

Episode #3

Apparently, Captain Atticus has managed to extract a golden liquid from a strange palm tree. And Mungo?

Episode #5

A small step for Captain Atticus… but a great leap for the people of Zulu-77.

We shot all the live action footage in one day. After each scene, we took 360 photos to gather HDRI panoramas, so we could match the lighting from the live action and the 3D renders.

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