Our proven process

We create extraordinary videos that cut through the noise and drive consumer engagement.

1. Initial Meeting

We begin by learning about your business, audience, and video goals, then set clear objectives and realistic timelines. After reviewing costs and providing a quote, we align on vision and details, sign a contract, collect a deposit, and kick off the project.

2. Kick-off

We start production with a kickoff call to discuss your needs, share ideas, and outline the storyline and art direction. Our goal is to create a successful video tailored to your vision and success criteria.

3. Script

A great script is key—it's half the battle in making a video that really clicks with viewers. Our team can craft a compelling script, or if you prefer, tweak yours to perfection. Let’s make something impactful together!

4. Storyboard

The storyboard outlines each scene with sketches, dialogue, and actions, serving as a visual blueprint of the story. We welcome your feedback to refine and perfect the storytelling direction together.

5. Voiceover

A great script deserves a compelling voice. We'll help you choose the perfect voice artist from our network to match your video's style and mood. Once you approve the storyboard and script, the selected voice actor will quickly begin recording and delivering the voiceover.

6. Style Frames

We provide three detailed style frames that showcase the characters and key scenes, offering a clear preview of your explainer video's look. Once approved, we progress to the illustration phase, merging sketches with designs to finalize the video's illustrations.

7. Illustration

After receiving your approval on the style frames, we'll begin designing all the graphic assets needed for your video. Once completed, we'll send them for you to review. This will give you a clear visual representation of how the story will unfold.

8. Animation *

Animation is the key phase where graphics, images, and text come alive, forming the final video. This crucial stage demands careful attention to detail as rushing can affect quality. Properly executed, it makes your story more engaging and impactful.

9. Music and Sound Effects

We'll boost your explainer video with precise sound effects and engaging music to enhance viewer experience, making it enjoyable and memorable. By syncing audio with visuals, we ensure your message resonates and leaves a lasting impression.

10. Final Delivery

Your completed video will be delivered in high-quality HD, customized to your needs and formatted for TV or online as required (knowing the intended platform from the start is essential). After finalizing the video and settling payments, you will hold full copyright, giving you free rein over its use.

  • Animation. While our team is skilled in 2D, frame-by-frame, and 3D animation, not all projects need every technique. Mixing multiple styles typically requires larger teams and budgets, along with flexible timelines.
  • We provide two rounds of revisions for each deliverable because we know that while we're experts in video, you're the expert in your field. We encourage you to share your feedback—let us know what works, what doesn't, or what additions you'd like to see. We're here to make those adjustments and bring your vision to life.